7 Questions You Should Ask on Your First Date with an Immigrant

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

What science says is important to know before dating someone from another culture?

Love has no borders. It breaks down what would regularly be called barriers – a popular one being culture.

Regardless of what is said about culture is a great hindrance to relationships, people continue to get married outside of their culture because love has shined brighter for them.

The truth is this it is perfectly fine to decide against the odds that may persist, but the question is, will knowing what science says about dating outside of your culture add great benefits and merits to your union?

There is never too much knowledge; it grants information that can be sorted through and then arrive at the best decision. Knowledge is a great way to protect yourself from future challenges.

Here will discuss some of the things rooted in psychology related to critical aspects that are important to know before dating someone from another culture.

Acknowledge That Though You Are in Love, Your Cultures Make Your Lives Different.

Though differences exist in your relationship because of your culture, talking about them with direction is more beneficial than leaving them silent to deal with themselves.

When these are not addressed because of the sweeter seasons of the relationship, no issue is posed. Still, when a problem arises that takes prior planning and discussion of what would be done in the future in specific situations are neglected, this can easily pose a significant threat to the health of the relationship and even individually each person's mental health.

1. Know their rituals, holidays, and tradition.

The days might not be the same and discussing what and how you will approach these days is very important.

2. The role of the male and female

This is a critical issue to be addressed. There needs to be a clear understanding of the role man and a woman have in a relationship. Their duties and responsibilities regarding going to formal work, home (chores, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, etc.), marriage, and raising children.

3. Family life

This relates to your personal family life in terms of celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, and casual gift-giving. It also discusses the belief in renting instead of buying a home and paying the mortgage.

Family life even includes understanding the living arrangement of the extended family of like parents, siblings, and grandparents concerning the time spent with them, how you will take care of them when they get old, is it the norm for them to live with us, how you take care of them when they become ill and what monetary allowance will be offered to them.

4. Having children

Seeing their stance on if they want children, how many, and what stage of the relationship.

5. Knowing and Understanding Their Expectations

It's essential to understand their relationship expectations and how they are carefully intertwined within their culture. Some persons may acknowledge some parts of their cultures than others, and it's essential to know these aspects. Find out what are the most valued aspects of their culture.

6. The view of alcohol and drugs within their culture

Is it prohibited, or is it practiced in a merely social or spiritual manner?

7. The practice of sex – is it acceptable before or after marriage

Is having multiple partners a norm within their culture, or do they stick to one partner?

Final Thoughts

Discussing these ideas are a great start and can prevent future conflicts. These topics bring about the most cultural differences that, when not addressed, pose a challenge shortly if you decide to date and go forward with the relationship.

Of course there are more specific questions like 'how is dating a latin men' or 'what is different when dating an asian immigrant' that we didn't address here along many other deeper psychological and emotional aspects to take into consideration that we will talk about in future posts.

Is there anything else your personal experience says it's important to know when in a romantic relationship with an immigrant? Please share in the comments.

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