5 Tips to Deal With Anxiety

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

If one thing about anxiety is, it sure knows how to put on the blows of overwhelm, mental burnout, and a feeling of a never-ending battle.

Dealing with anxiety is never easy, and statistics show that it is one of the most common mental illnesses affecting U.S. adults every year.

The truth is the onset of anxiety is linked to many factors, including the chemistry of the brain, genetics, personality, and life happenings.

Anxiety shouldn’t leave you feeling hopeless with such a high treatable rate and available tips to cope. What is essential is practicing these coping tips and making them a part of your everyday life.

Here are five tips you can confidently rely on to help you deal with your anxiety daily.

1. Make Deep Breathing a Habit.

The art of deep breathing is entirely instrumental when coping with anxiety. When one becomes anxious, one effective way to counter the symptom of a paid heart rate is to learn the art of deep breathing.

2. Pay attention and Question Your Thoughts.

Our minds are great at playing us, especially when we are anxious because the mind automatically becomes warped. Thoughts based on situations happen rapidly in the mind, but this doesn’t render them valid. Therefore, by training yourself to take the time to first ponder about the thought and question it without accepting it will leave room to starve your anxiety. If the answer to your questioned thought is more of a mere opinion, you have independently formed rather than the fact- your anxiety is truly nothing.

3. Put Your Negative Predictions to the Test.

With every anxious feeling, a negative thought is always at the root of it. Often it is always the prediction of a pessimistic worst-case scenario. Instead of making your worst-case predictions hold you hostage be bold and brave enough by putting them to the test and challenging if your negative prediction or fear was indeed correct.

4. Don’t Be Ruled by Avoidance.

Anxiety is such an uncomfortable and overpowering emotion that it will cause you to avoid situations to not face your fear. Not facing your fear doesn’t make anxiety easier but somewhat harder to overcome. When you avoid situations that cause you to experience anxiety, you feed it, which causes it to become harder and less likely to overcome in this manner. Avoidance always leads to more avoidance. Facing your fear will cause you to feel anxious but face it anyway, as this will lead to loosening the stronghold anxiety has on you. Start facing your fears in bite sizes and how much you will grow.

5. Accept the Reality of Anxiety.

Every human being has to deal with anxiety at some point in their life. The reality is anxiety is not by any means a comfortable emotion but learning to accept it instead of fighting against it will prove to be more beneficial. No feeling lasts forever, not even anxiety.

Bonus tip: Learn Your Triggers.

The onset of anxiety episodes can often be linked to triggers like trauma, stress, and other daily activities. Spending the time writing these down will help you keep track of the triggers as they come and deal with them immediately. Seeking the help of a therapist as you navigate the process is beneficial.

Final Thoughts

In every event, pessimistic and worse case predictions can sincerely control your life’s decisions and how you enjoy life.

However, by actively practicing these tips, you will better cope when fearful and anxious situations present themselves instead of avoiding them.

Do you have any different, useful tips that you have learned to deal with anxiety? Please, share with us in the comments!

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